Thermo Capsule (No-Touch Thermometer)

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Requires Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter to be used with latest iPhones due to lack of designated headphone jack.

Type: Non contacting IR thermometer
Model: PTD-100
Product Size: Dia 20 mm * 46 mm( 53mm with cap)
Weight: 13.7 g
Componant: product + additional cover
Compability: over Android 4.4 iOS 7.0
Authentication : CE,FDA,FCC
Origin: made in korea

Partron Croise.a Thermo Capsule with a thermopile sensor is a non-contact IR thermometer which is approved as a medical device by FDA and KFDA. The small and light product makes it portable. You can put it in your bag, wear it like a necklace, carry it as a key chain. You connect it into the mobile ear jack and run an app to use it. App. can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. Non-contact type makes it sanitary and safe. It provides fast and accurate data within 5 seconds. It can measure your body temperature or others, even your pet's. You can also check the surface temperature of each object. The Partron Croise.a Thermo Capsule is the most convenient thermometer!

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