Buy & Sell with Confidence

It's about more than saving money. You want to be earth-conscious, and in order to do that you need partners that practice higher standards of quality and sustainability. Saving money is so much sweeter when combined with high quality standards.

High Quality Products at an Affordable Price

We focus on three main pillars to achieve the highest quality inventory as well as the most good for the earth.


Green Offices

Committed to minimizing waste in all forms from facility energy audits to cloud file storage.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reducing waste where possible and embracing every opportunity for reuse: Conscious packaging materials, dedicated recycle bins, energy efficiency efforts and more.

Supply Donations

Excess salable good products are donated to hospitals at no cost except for shipping charges.


Verified Suppliers

New and existing suppliers undergo a checklist of requirements that align with our quality and sustainability standards. Existing suppliers are audited consistently for compliance.

Quality Checks

All product received is inspected visually by trained employees according to prescribed and documented criteria. Criteria includes product defects, package integrity, correct labeling, and damage.

Proprietary Methods

We use a unique database to compare products purchased to images of the products from the original manufacturer. All product inspections are captured on video for review and training.


Identify Counterfeits

XS Supply maintains a comprehensive monitoring system of counterfeiting activity and industry alerts. We compare received inventory against our databases of authentic products as a part of our quality control process. Every supply chain employee receives over 100+ hours of on-the-job training to identify and eliminate counterfeit products.